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Why LED is the best solution for Parking Garage Lighting?

Not so long ago, different types of lighting technology were the best suited for particular fixture types – fluorescent was ideal for office lighting, metal halide was the preferred choice for street light poles, parking lot lights, and warehouse lighting, and incandescent lights were used primarily for homes, sconce lighting, and basic fixtures. However, ever since LED lighting came on the scene, it’s systematically out-performed all of these technologies in every single area – quickly making the former choices outdated and obsolete.

When looking for suitable lighting options for a parking garage upgrade, it naturally follows that LED is top of the charts. Let’s take a look at why LED lights are the number one choice for parking garage lighting.

LED –the best solution for parking garages:

A dimply lit parking garage is a scary sight. When planning a shopping area for urban development, adequate parking is a must. Yet, these multi-storied structures have a tendency to deter patrons when they are poorly lit. Adequate lighting is a must, but because previous technology was so energy-expensive, many garage owners were struggling to do more than the minimum requirements. Getting enough light that could easily illuminate a wide parking area wasa major problem that parking garage owners or management faced.

Now that energy-efficient LEDs are on the scene, getting great lighting has become a lot easier and more affordable in the long run. Not only do LED lights use far less power than any of the traditional options (translating to $$$ Savings in energy costs), but LEDs have the longest lifespan amongst allcompeting technologies and theyproduce very high-quality light with a wide range of color options.

Benefits of LED in parking garage:

There are multiple benefits of using LED lighting in commercial parking garages:

  • Easily save up to 80% on energy cost
  • Smooth and uniform lighting
  • Long lifespan
  • Instant-onand remote managementtechnology makes LEDs easy to manage
  • Increased visibility enhances safety while using less power
  • Sustainable technology that reduces energy consumption

Viable for safety of parking garages

If you’re looking to increase business and promote a lively atmosphere in a city setting, having bright lighting is a great way to increase activity. Customers, as well as visitors, will feel unsafe walking through a poorly lit area and be hesitant to park there after sunset – the prime time for nightlife like shopping and dining. Dark spots often provide an opportunity for criminal activity, especially in parking areas where people may linger in cars or loiter in stairwells. Upgrading to LED lighting is a great way to enhance a feeling of safety and security, while also adding visibility for cameras.

Cost Reduction

Some property owners are hesitant to make the switch to LED, concerned about the upfront expense of replacing parking area lighting with LED. However, there are many factors that can compensate for the replacement cost such as: lower energy cost, lower maintenance cost and a much longer life span, giving LED lighting a greatreturn on investment.

Consider unique requirements

If you’re ready to upgrade, here’s a few more tips. There should be enough light to cover the entire parking garage; large bands of illumination are preferable. Sufficientfixtures will ensure that every row is safe for both vehicles and foot traffic. Timers or photocells can be utilized to make sure lights go on when needed after dusk or even in cloudy skies. As many garages are open to the elements, waterproof vapor-tight lighting is a great option. LEDs come in various types, so you can choose the one that suits your parking garage the best. And as always, Lighting of Tomorrow is ready to help you choose the best options and get a great price on installation.

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