What To Know When You Buy Light Poles In Florida?

South Florida properties are in the process of updating outdated lighting systems from 30 and 40 years ago. While they are making the switch to energy efficient LEDs, many are also replacing their light poles. Whether you are looking to replace concrete poles, steel light poles, fiberglass or aluminum electrical poles, it’s important to make sure you have the right option which is durable enough to stand up to our sub tropical stormy weather.

Obtaining the right pole is important when upgrading your lighting to energy-efficient LEDs. The illumination from the LED street lights enables safe navigation and stimulates a sense of security for the people who work or live in that area. While buying street lights in Florida, developers, architects, business owners, and municipalities are supposed to find suitable street light poles for sidewalks, parking lots, roadways and neighborhoods.

Light poles are bought with extreme care because light poles play an integral part in illuminating roadways and providing safe passage for drivers and pedestrians who need to be aware of any potential hazards. With powerful LED lights, people can navigate the roadside area and walkways safely.

The following factors should be kept in mind while buying light poles:

  1. Height of the pole

The height of streetlight poles needs to be accurate to provide a proper density of light. Poles are available in a wide range of heights, though anywhere from 9 to 25 feet is quite common.

  1. Dissemination of light

Does your area have a large number of trees, dark spots in the parking lot or between tall buildings? High poles cover wider areas when paired with a powerful LED light. Lower poles may be paired with an angled light. Ideally, the pair should provide adequate light without excessive brightness or glare.

  1. The surrounding environment

When you are going to buy light poles, you also need to keep in mind the area in which these light poles are to be installed. For instance, near the seaside, the poles are prone to erosion from saltwater, so the material should be erosion resistant. Similarly, other environmental factors like hurricanes, should be kept in mind when choosing a pole with the correct wind calculation.

  1. Installation and lighting intervals

If an area is not well-lit, it creates the possibility of increased accidents and crimes. For this reason, light poles need to be placed at consistent distance intervals, creating safety for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.

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