The Cities of Tomorrow - LED Lights & IoT Will Pave the Way to the Fut – Lighting of Tomorrow
The Cities of Tomorrow - LED Lights & IoT Will Pave the Way to the Future

We are rapidly advancing towards an ever-connected world. For the past century, we have witnessed massive change fueled by the creation and implementation of new technologies. As we continue to harness new technologies, our lives become easier and more connected by the Internet of Things (IoT), an interconnected web of devices working together to improve our quality of life.

LED lights, in connection with IoT, is paving the way towards more connected, “smart” cities. Due to their energy efficiency, sustainability, and ability to incorporate sensors vital for data collection and connectivity, LED lights are already an important component of the smart infrastructure of tomorrow.

How upgrading LED lighting would be helpful?

In South Florida, the real estate and construction markets are always booming. Businesses move south to take advantage of Florida’s tax policies, and people move here in droves to enjoy south Florida’s sub-tropical climate, far away from yearly blizzards and all the troubles that come with living in the snow. It’s no wonder the construction industry down here is always busy - as more people move south, they need places to work, live, and play. With construction, comes lighting. More and more buildings are utilizing LED technology over outdates lighting tech such as fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent. One of the major factors contributing to the rapid increase of the use of modern lighting in Miami and other Florida cities is the reduced prices. While LEDs may seem pricy on the surface, these lights are truly money savers over time. With long lifespans, little energy use, and very little maintenance needed, building owners are saving with LEDs. The technology is versatile as well. LEDs are available in every shape, color, and size and are also compatible with various controls.

Networks of intelligent LED lighting fixtures can be practical and viable for the commercial sector with multiple applications. For instance, it can serve as a security feature by turning on when somebody enters the room or can also be helpful for managing administrative functions, like counting the number of people entering a particular building. Business like Target are now utilizing smart LED lights with data collection sensors to guide patrons through the store and collect necessary data to promote future sales. LED lights can be controlled remotely by use of applications. This way, Lights can we switched on and off, dimmed, and necessary data can be accessed even when there is no one around.

The combination of LED lights and IoT are paving the way towards a whole new world. Together they will make our lives more advanced, secure and progressive. There are a number of Lighting stores in Miami that can help people upgrade and install LED lights and incorporate these various controls.

IoT and LEDs are creating a whole new world

The powerful combination of the latest technologies like LEDs with IoT is converting our existing world into a more quantifiable, verifiable, and sustainable one. Both LEDs and IoTs can help business owners in managing their assets in a more systematic way.

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