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Target's Move to LED Impacts the Eco-Economy

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Lighting is arguably one of the most essential element in any commercial space. Without lighting, we cannot do our work or see what we are buying. More than that, just as lighting is an essential component to entertainers on stage, the right lighting can make any item look like a work of art while poor lighting can leave consumers feeling uncomfortable or unconfident in the quality of products for sale. Recently, we have seen lighting upgrades pay off big time for one of America’s favorite companies: Target Corporation. Target replaced the existing fluorescent lighting fixtures at about 100 stores with LED lights. The corporation was so pleased with the visual and economic benefits that, going forward, Target has planned to install LED fixtures in every new Target store.

Achievement of Energy Reduction goals:

LED lighting is notorious for its cost-saving benefits and massive impact on energy reduction goals. By making the switch to this eco-friendly tech, employing multiple types of LED lighting options to power the stores, Target has reached its energy reduction goals. The switch has appealed to Target’s clientele – made up (in no small part) of America’s millennial population - young consumers who are drawn in large part towards eco-minded efforts.

Yet, Target’s aim with its new fixtures is more than simply beautifully illuminating the area and products within the store; Target Corp. has its eye on the future: a data enhanced shopping experience for consumers.

Smart Implementation of LEDs at Target:

Target Corporation is clearly ready for its position as a beacon of innovation. By installing LED lights in its stores across America, Not only are they taking the step to showcase their products with the best lighting available, but with data enhanced Smart Lighting, they are able to literally guide shoppers through the store.

LED smart lights are already equipped to collect data. In urban settings, streetlights are able to collect weather data such as temperature readings and lights are now able to be synced with controls and automatically react to sensors. For Target, smart lights are geared towards the customer experience. By utilizing the Target App, customers will be able to mark the items they desire as the smart fixtures synchronize with sensors on the products, successfully guiding customers to the appropriate aisles and locations in the store. Finding the right product will be easier than ever, giving customers more time to browse. Talk about a hassle-free shopping experience!

Target has Made the Move

Due to the success of the 100-store test, not only does Target plan to replace old fluorescent lighting fixtures in their own stores across the USA, but now other retailers are following suit. This has been a bold move that has Target Corporation has saved millions of dollars in reduced energy usage and other retailers are considering an LED switchover. It’s only a matter of time before LEDs completely take over the retail lighting market.

LED Benefits

LED lighting is already leading the market in commercial parking lots, industrial warehouses, and new construction of all property types. The reasons for the rapid takeover are plenty – LEDs are not only superior tech, but highly affordable in the long run. Let’s take a look at some of LEDs well known benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: LEDs uses 80%-90% less energy when compared to other bulbs and the margins keep growing.
  • Durability: LEDs fixtures are made of highly durable material. Many are water resistant, shatter-proof, and can endure hazardous conditions.
  • Endurance: LEDs last 15 to 20 times longer than traditional bulbs.
  • Versatility: LED lights are available in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They are available in a multitude of color temperatures and RGB options which can be synchronized with various control types.

Creating a Better Tomorrow:

Target Corporation has made a commitment to creating a better tomorrow, and this stride forward is a sure marker of its success. The installation of eco-friendly LED lights, free of hazardous materials in stores across the country, is remarkable.

With this bold move from Target across the country, local lighting retailers and lighting service companies are sure to be in demand as more businesses take Target’s lead. Providers of lighting services in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach, Florida should be ready to aid clients in their steps forward. Smart lighting solutions are here to stay, and everyone can benefit from better visibility, increased sales, and a healthy environment.

Read more about this topic on Target's corporate website!

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