Why Your Business Needs LED Office Lighting

Why Your Business Needs LED Office Lighting

Offices are intended to be productive and comfortable environments in which employees may do their tasks. However, the expenditures of effectively operating this area can quickly pile up. Energy consumption accounts for a significant portion of these costs, notably in terms of electricity. Making the switch to more efficient LED office lighting is a simple approach to cut these costs while also adding a number of other benefits to your workplace.

 If you're thinking about installing LED lighting in your office, contact the commercial electricians at Lighting of Tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


LED Lights vs. Fluorescent Lights

Many offices, especially in older buildings, may still have obsolete fluorescent lighting, which has a substantially shorter lifespan than LED lighting.

One of the reasons that LED lights have recently surpassed fluorescent lighting is that the life of fluorescent lights is considerably shortened when they are turned on and off often. Fluorescent lights also include a number of toxic compounds, such as mercury and phosphor, making their disposal more difficult.

 Fluorescent lighting tubes also emit light in 360 degrees, implying that a significant amount of energy and light is wasted. Accessories may be required to help reflect and divert this light into the room, which increases the cost of the light.


 Benefits of LED Lights

  • LED lights may live up to tens of thousands of hours longer than conventional types of lights. They'll usually outlast the average lifetime listed on the light's box, as this figure is based on the time it takes for the bulb to lose 30% of its lumen output.
  • Other bulbs, which typically churn through a considerable amount of energy by transforming it, are far less energy-efficient than LED lightbulbs.
  • In offices or commercial spaces where lighting is required at all hours, these energy-efficient LED lights are even more advantageous. The
  • LEDs also have the ability to emit an incredibly high level of brightness.
  • One thing you will quickly notice with LED lamps is their proximity to corresponding natural sunlight.
  • They generate less CO2 emissions and do not contain hazardous materials such as the mercury found in fluorescent bulbs.
  • By not needing to replace them as often, your business can save on electrical maintenance costs and also on replacement times.


 Boosting Productivity

Sometimes all you need to do to increase your office productivity is make a few simple changes to create a more pleasant and comfortable work environment. Numerous studies have shown that a well-lit office space can contribute to higher levels of job satisfaction, improved mood, and increased productivity.

 Although natural lighting through windows is the optimal light source, most offices need LED lights to  fill in the gaps and supplement this natural light.


Installing LED lights in the office


LED Desk Lighting Installation If you wish to  upgrade  to LED desk lighting, you will need to  contact  a licensed electrician in Florida. Lighting of Tomorrow electricians have years of experience  installing LED lighting solutions in commercial spaces, helping you  reap the benefits of these lights as soon as possible.

 If you want  affordable LED lighting, contact Lighting of Tomorrow electricians today at 954.626.0267 or send us an inquiry with  your office electrical needs.

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