What kind of lighting is best used for outdoor parking?


What kind of lighting is best used for outdoor parking?

When creating a concept for commercial parking lot lights there are three variables to consider:

Design: A high quality manufacturer will typically have a person on staff who can help with the design and actually do a lighting simulation that will show placement and expected light after installation is complete distribution is recommended for the perimeter. 

Light quality: This can range from a warmer color temperature to a cooler color temperature. Ensuring that the lighting is uniform is also important. When the lighting isn’t evenly distributed, it can cause hot spots and cold spots on sections of parking lot causing glare and safety hazards

Lighting level: This is defined as the total light output from the area between one-foot above and six-feet below the light source. Lighting levels above 500 foot candles becomes a problem because it can cause excessive glare and eye fatigue as well as safety hazards such as pedestrian accidents during night hours

Many businesses will need a variety of lighting for their parking lots. For example, you might want lamps with a circular distribution and cooler lumen temperature for your parking lot. However, if your parking lot has a perimeter walkway, you might want a lateral distribution lamp with a warmer lumen color temperature.

Commercial Parking Lot Light‌s

At the end of the day, Lighting of Tomorrow are the best to use for outdoor parking because:

They provide optimal distribution.

Providing a safe, secure and friendly environment.

The LED lights are extremely efficient and powered by solar energy greatly reduces energy costs.

The sleek design makes them perfect decorative parking lot lights.

They can easily be installed on already-paved parking lots.

Lighting of Tomorrow are built to withstand harsh weather. Contact us today.

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