LED Warehouse Lighting – Bright, efficient lighting for your work spac – Lighting of Tomorrow
LED Warehouse Lighting – Bright, efficient lighting for your work space

Keeping your property in top shape shouldn’t be a money pit. LED light fixtures are designed to reduce energy consumption and provide you with the best lighting possible. Not sure what wattage you need? No problem! Our experts know how to help. We offer FREE inspections, photometric reports, city permits, and finance options. Lighting of Tomorrow is ready to bring your property to the next level.

Considering a lighting upgrade for your industrial warehouse? There’s a few things you’ll want to consider. Traditional lighting options seem inexpensive on the surface, but hidden costs can put a sizable dent in your budget. With more industrial properties switching over to LED lighting, you may be wondering what’s the big draw?

The higher the ceiling, the brighter the light.

Those high ceilings come at a cost. High warehouse ceilings require a light that has a large lumen output in order to illuminate an area effectively, and the brighter the light, the more power it takes to run it – or does it? LED highbay lights have a lot to offer in this area. For starters, LED lights use a mere fraction of the wattage that traditional lights use in order to obtain the same results. Depending on the size of your warehouse, that’s a drastic energy-savings! LED high-bay lights are a favorite of warehouse interior upgrades and they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and various wattages to suit the particulars of your property.

Have you seen your energy bill lately?

Not only is wattage a factor in energy savings, but have you considered the impact LED interior lighting has on your air-conditioning? Fluorescent, Halogen, and incandescent lights put out a large amount of heat; countering that output can be costly. LED technology continues to increase in efficiency. To date, LED lights are up to 85% more energy effective than traditional lighting options. That means that a whopping 95% of energy consumed by LEDs goes towards light creation with a mere 5% going towards producing heat. Your warehouse A/C doesn’t need to do all that extra work and your wallet will thank you for it.

You have better things to do than lighting maintenance.

Speaking of heat reduction, not only will that have an excellent impact on your works pace but consider what it does for the light fixture itself: less heat, less material degradation – LEDs are durable with a very long lifetime! We know one of your main priorities is maintaining your property and keeping everything running smoothly. Depending on the type of lights you use at your property, LED high bays, flood lights, area lights, and wall packs last around 50,000 hours with some models lasting up to 100,000! That’s not something to squint at. Imagine fewer maintenance costs, lift fees, and bulb replacements.

With industrial LED high bay lights, wall packs, and flood lights, it’s clear to see why LEDs are in demand for warehouse lighting. Upgrade the lighting in your space and save the excess energy! You’ve got better things to do than change light bulbs.

Check out this LED upgrade we did, reducing this property's energy consumption by 85%!

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