F.A.Q.s Frequently Asked Questions About Lighting as a Service

What is the Lighting of Tomorrow SMART SAVINGS L.A.A.S. Program?

Your L.o.T. Project Manager will determine whether you qualify for this program by conducting a thorough audit of all existing lights at your property & determining where you can save energy. Your L.ot. Project manager will present you with a preliminary report and walk you through the entire process.


Your L.o.T. Project Manager will:

  • Conduct a thorough audit of all existing lights at your property
  • Determine where you can save energy
  • Determine the cost of operating and maintaining your current lighting system (energy usage, maintenance costs, etc.)
  • Calculate the cost of operating your new, energy-efficient lighting system
  • Recommended product upgrades
  • Present a monthly service fee based on your lighting savings
  • Provide a cost of purchasing lighting system at end of contract


How are lighting savings determined?

Your monthly savings are calculated based on the cost of operating your current lighting system (energy usage, maintenance costs, etc.) compared to the projected future cost of operating your new, energy-efficient, lighting system. This savings calculation is the basis for your affordable monthly payments.


What are the benefits of Lighting as a Service?

State-of-the-art lighting at $0 down! Lighting of Tomorrow will pay all costs involved in auditing, engineering, and installing new, energy-efficient lighting. Your first affordable monthly payment will be due after installation. During the 5-Year Service Agreement period, if the products installed by Lighting of Tomorrow require lighting maintenance, repair, or replacement, L.o.T. is on call! Contact your project manager to schedule service: 1-800-538-4446


What happens at the end of the Service Agreement?

Lighting of Tomorrow maintains the ownership and responsibility for the lighting system for the entire period of the Service Agreement. At the end of your Service Agreement, you will have the option to either continue service under a new agreement or to buy the existing lighting system at the price quoted by your L.o.T. project manager in your preliminary report. L.o.T.’s SMART SAVINGS Lighting as a Service Program provides you with an affordable way to achieve energy-saving lighting.

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