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LED Lighting for Energy Reduction

If you’re looking for more environmentally friendly ways to lower your energy bill, have we got news for you! Lighting of Tomorrow is now partnered up with Solar of Tomorrow – a solar company focused on reducing your energy consumption and getting you on the fast track to a sustainable future. Lighting of Tomorrow and Solar of Tomorrow are dedicated to helping you reach your energy goals. Call us today for a FREE consultation!


Energy Reduction in summer with LED Lighting





Did you have high electric bills in the past few months? In Florida, we are just coming out of the hottest time of the year; our A/Cs are running marathons causing energy consumption to be higher than normal. Now, the weather will finally start cooling off, but with daylight savings ending, the lamps in our homes and businesses will be on longer. You might be looking at the bills for your warehouses, condominiums, neighborhoods, and businesses wondering – how on earth can I reduce the bill?

Though it may seem contradictory, it is possible to reduce energy consumption this time of year. One surefire way is to make the switch to LED lighting. The low energy consumption of LED lights has made them a dependable choice for a multitude of property types. They utilize significantly lower wattage amounts than their traditional counterparts, so you will be using less energy and directly affecting those energy bills.

Furthermore, LED lighting also has an effect on temperature. Did you know that traditional lights convert the grand majority of energy consumed into producing heat? Those bulbs are not only hot-to-the-touch, they make the temperature of your space rise, causing air conditioners to run more frequently.

With LEDs, the facts are flipped - LED lights convert the majority of energy used into light and a mere fraction into heat. Considering LEDs do this while putting out the same amount of light, using far less wattage, and lasting significantly longer than conventional lights, this is pretty impressive. LED lights have the capacity to brighten your world and lighten your load, offering a mercury-free way to lower the planet’s carbon emissions.

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