Choosing LED Lighting

Consumers today are more aware of their personal impact regarding the effects of the product choices they make – not only in terms of their budget but also in their environmental contributions. More and more, we are seeing consumers make wiser choices and taking time to reflect on the impact that their choice is going to make on their communities and the earth as a whole. This is also is the case in terms of lighting.

LEDs are considered to be the energy-efficient products, yet there are so many different kinds of LEDs that it is important to know what factors to consider while choosing the right LED for your commercial property, residential building, or industrial space.


Don't judge by the upfront cost

Did you know? In the long-run, LED lights can save you hundreds of dollars annually over their lifespan. While the cost of the products may seem high at the first glance by the untrained eye, when compared with the cost of traditional lighting over time, not to mention the cost of maintenance, an ROI will show that LED lights will provide substantial benefits in the long run.

 LED lighting fixtures are becoming increasingly common. These days, most customers are well aware of global energy efficiency obtained by the installation of LED lighting in a commercial application. As more and more consumers make the switch to LEDs and energy efficient appliances, they are contributing to the lessening of the carbon footprint.

While choosing lighting, commercial LED light fixtures are the best options available. One important factor to consider is the annual cost of running the lights. LED lights consume 80% less energy compared to conventional lighting sources; this is what makes them the most energy efficient appliances. This means that LED use far less electricity to producing the same amount of light and they waste very little power as heat. As LEDs have a very long lifespan and therefore require far less maintenance in changing lights, LEDs blow the competition away. For long term use of energy efficient products, LEDs are the cheapest option.

 Understanding the wattage difference

Can lower wattage really make a difference? Absoltely! Just how efficient are LED lights you may wonder? Perhaps the following chart can add some clarity:

Led lighting