Restaurant Lighting - Setting the Mood and Lighting the Way with LEDs

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A lot of planning and consideration goes into the opening of a restaurant and lighting is an essential feature. Yet, how do you choose lighting for your restaurant, brewery, juice bar, café or fast food store? Whether you are planning an upscale design, a relaxed and comfortable space, or a bright and lively atmosphere, the light in your dining space has the power to add to the ambience, keep your staff alert, and generate business.

There are three main types of lighting to consider when planning your space, and each has a specific purpose. Let’s take some time to look at them now: Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting, and Accent Lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting refers to the main lighting within a space. This can be the natural light that is already present, or it can be artificial light used to create a wash of light throughout the interior. Do you have large windows or dark areas that need to be addressed? Do you operate mainly at night and need to create ambient lighting with LED bulbs and LED fixtures? Many places achieve excellent ambient lighting with LED recessed lighting, wall sconces, or linear lights that can be surface mounted or suspended. Further options in wattage and color temperature can create a mood in your space to either inspire your customers to relax and spend more time in your establishment, or to actively and quickly enjoy your products before going on with their day.

Task Lighting

The most important type of lighting for the back of the house, by far, is task lighting! Your staff needs to be able to see and task lighting helps your team move around with ease. Task lighting enables people to perform functions – and if you’re running a kitchen, your light needs to withstand high or low temperatures, steam, and the unexpected splash or two from a passionate chef or dishwasher. LED Vapor proof or vapor tight lighting is perfect for hot or cold areas, such as above stoves or in restaurant freezers. Not just for tall ceilings, LED Highbays come in a variety of wattages – a lower wattage high bay is perfect task lighting for chefs as they cast a wide angle of light, keeping your staff alert to the fast-paced environment behind the scenes.

Accent Lighting

With the massive popularity of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other visual social media sites and applications, accent lighting is now in high demand. What’s drawing people in to your space? Part of it is your cuisine, to be sure, but people are also seeking out experiences and places to express themselves. Restaurants that want to rank highly on social media invest thought and effort into accent lighting. Is it Snap-worthy? If someone takes a picture at your restaurant, do the visuals of the space motivate them to share it – or better – want to check it out themselves? There are so many options and varieties of accent lighting to choose from: LED Spot Lights help accent particular items and areas of interest, while textural and architectural features can be highlighted with colorful wall washers. RGB Strip lighting is an excellent way to light a space with a variety of color, and thanks to it’s versatile application usage, the possibilities are endless. Light up those menu boards, water features, and bar lighting! Click and shar

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