Power Comparison of LED and Conventional Lighting

In terms of energy proficiency, LED technology consistently comes out on top. When comparing LED lighting to other conventional illumination methods available on the market, LEDs prove to be the smartest and most viable solution for attaining power efficiency time and time again. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this eco-friendly method of illumination.

Did You Know?

  1. LEDs emit minimal heat when compared to conventional lighting. Conventional lighting technologies release large amounts of energy in the form of heat, however, LED lighting uses a very small percentage of power for heat production. The energy efficiency of LED lights are 80-90%!
  2. LEDs are unique in that they don’t need reflectors or diffusers to trap light. This increases efficiency as it enables LED lights to easily emit light in a particular direction.
  3. The Department of Energy approximates that the use of LED lighting reduces the wattage of downlights by 75%. This is particularly significant in the US where almost 20 million downlights are sold each year!

Long life leads to lower maintenance

For many consumers, the top feature of LED lighting is their long lifetime. The operational expectancy of this technology is an astounding 100,000 hours. In fact, you may notice that most professionals measure the lifetime of LEDs in hours, instead of years. This is because consumers use lights differently – some for long periods of time and some for short periods of time. 100,000 hours would be equivalent to about 11 years of continuous use! Surely, anyone can see how the long life of this technology helps to reduce maintenance costs, especially in commercial applications.

Energy Efficiency

We already mentioned that LEDs are the most resourceful method of lighting available today with an efficiency of around 80% to 90%. When compared with conventional lighting, which operate with only 20% energy efficiency (meaning 80% of electricity used is lost in the form of heat), it’s clear to see why LEDs are the new forerunner. Incandescent lighting is already being phased out and it’s only a matter of time before it’s considered completely obsolete.

When used in commercial settings, where large areas are required to be brightly lit, that percentage becomes truly noticeable. Brite LED Lighting is in demand, allowing commercial properties to save a great amount of money in energy costs over time. Depending on the lumen output, a 50W LED flood light can easily be replaced with an 11 to 12 watt LED flood light – that adds up over time!

Immediate On and Off

How many times have you flicked the switch on fluorescent or halogen lights only to be still standing in the dark moments later, waiting for the lights to power on? One benefit of LED technology is that once the switch is flicked, LED lights brighten up instantly. This feature alone makes the technology a favorite of facility maintenance workers, property managers, warehouse managers, and commercial workers. This technology can be switched on and off rapidly, repeatedly, and frequently without having negative effects on the lights.

Durable & Functional

LEDs are durable! Built with strong components, these lights can resist extreme conditions. While fluorescent lights may be affected by a sudden rise or drop in temperature, LED bulbs and fixtures operate outstandingly in all kinds of outdoor environments, making this technology ideal for parks, street lighting, parking lots, outdoor area lighting, and any industrial and commercial areas which may be exposed to high or low temperatures. These lights are also shock and vibration resistant making them excellent for use in manufacturing or construction sites.

Switching to LED technology

LED lighting is worth the switch. While conventional lighting needs constant replacement, LED lights are a practical solution. This long-lasting technology will save money over time through reduced maintenance fees and the added benefit of helping the environment through energy savings and less wasted material. From warehouses to offices and docks to production buildings, it’s clear to see that LEDs are a cost-effective, long lasting, and environment-friendly solution. As an added bonus, as the technology continues to improve and LEDs take over the market, they’re now more affordable than ever! It sure feels like someone turned on a light!

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