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LED Security Lighting for your Property

Exterior LED lighting is a great way to increase area safety while using far less energy than other traditional lighting options. An L.o.T. lighting specialist can help with your security lighting needs. Contact us for a free consultation.


Commercial, Residential, and Industrial properties may have worlds of differences between them, but they all have one very important aspect in common: they are each in need of effective area lighting. Proper lighting can increase area safety, discouraging people with mal-intent who would otherwise target your property. A conversion to LED lights is perfect for increasing visibility without increasing your wattage usage. Let’s take a quick look at what makes for effective security lighting.

What fixtures are right for my property?

When looking for appropriate lights to use for security purposes it is important to consider the area’s surroundings, as this will help determine the type of lighting that best suits your property. Effective security lighting avoids creating shadows and glare while also avoiding obstructions, allowing for clear observation at night. When considering parking lot lights, for example, you’ll want a light with a wide angle and high intensity which is able to cover a large area. Flood lights can be affixed to building walls both inside and outside a property to cover dark areas. If your property has a lot of trees, this could be one useful solution. Bollard lights are very useful in parks, university campuses, and retail locations to illuminate walking areas while using a lower quantity of large area lights.

Lighting Control Options

Once you have decided on the type of fixtures you require for your property, the next step is to decide what kind of lighting control you are looking for. Do you want your light to be on all night, dusk to dawn, or would you rather have certain area lighting triggered by motion sensors? Various options for lighting control features are available to suit your security lighting needs while conserving energy. Here are some categories to consider:

Photocells are sensors that detect a decrease in light, prompting lights to go on when it begins to get dark. As soon as the photocell detects the light of dawn, the lights switch off for the day. This feature is useful in areas that have heavy rain, as the lights will detect the absence of light even during the day and react accordingly.

Like photocells, which enable lights to operate only for a portion of the day, timers are another popular option. A specific time can be set to the timer so that your lights begin operating at a specific time of day and switch off at another specific time. Additionally, there is a second kind of timer called a time switch which, when activated, allows a light to operate only for a specific, short period of time. This option is useful for tennis and basketball courts which may not be in use every night.

Motion sensors prompt light to go on when nearby motion is detected. This is a popular option for commercial and industrial properties outside of business hours and also for buildings near residential areas, which would rather not keep bright lights on throughout the night.

Time switches are designed to assist light fixtures like floodlights turn off and on at specific times despite the weather or light insufficiency.

Bright areas not only increase the curb appeal of a property, but they greatly discourage the presence of those engaging in illicit activity. Whether you increase the wattage of your current fixtures or choose to add additional lighting at your property, it’s good to remember that the best security lighting minimizes hiding spots, allows for physical detection, and promotes a feeling of area safety.

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