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LED Outdoor Lighting for Building Exteriors

Lighting of Tomorrow wants to help you achieve incredible results with your property at an affordable price. Our experts are ready to work with you within your budget. Let Lighting of Tomorrow light up your project and see the difference for yourself. L.o.T. – Lighting the way for a sustainable tomorrow.


Well-lit exteriors make a property attractive and memorable. For commercial properties this means increased business, while industrial properties enjoy the benefits of added security and residential communities benefit from curb appeal and increased desirability on the housing market. In all cases, property value increases as properties are fitted with the best technology on the market. Yet, how do you know what type of lighting is right for your property? When considering an exterior lighting upgrade, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let’s look at some popular favorites and the types of lighting effects they produce.

Strip lights

Strip lighting is a fantastic way to enhance architectural features of a building’s design. Strip lights are comprised of a row of LED diodes, connected in a line, which may be easily bent to line the edges of buildings, columns, windows, and arches. They also come in various color options and have become quite popular due to the versatility of their nature. They are an efficient way to create nightscaping features, adding a sleek, contemporary look to outdoor structures.


Spot Lights, often used in landscaping, have a narrower angle beam compared to flood lights. These lights can be useful in highlighting building exteriors or adding light to other outdoor areas such as monuments, trees, and general foliage. Spotlights are an excellent way to create interesting focal points, directing the eye to features one wishes to highlight, and increasing the overall perception of a building’s aesthetics.


Floodlights are a type light which creates a wide-angle beam, effectively “flooding” an area in light. Floodlights are particularly popular with industrial and commercial properties, parking lots, sports fields and courts, and even in landscaping. Many properties utilize flood lights to increase area security as they are a cost-effective way to produce a great amount of light over an area.


Washers are another type of light with a wide angle, except that washers are often RGB-equipped lights used as a series to “wash” a large area in colorful lighting. Washers come with various design optics, allowing for either one uniform color or an entire spectrum of colors. Easy to program and change, washers are well known for stage lighting, but have recently become popular with various types of organizations wanting a grander variety of choices for property lighting. Washers create excellent, eye-catching illumination that can be customized for day-to-day use, holiday decorating, or to bringing awareness to important causes. Favorites of event spaces, washers are a great way to quickly and easily change the look of your property with the flick of a switch.

LED lights are well known for their efficiency, durability, and energy saving capabilities. These traits have caused them to become the new standard in lighting - propelling them far above energy-expensive alternatives. With the relief that LEDs put on a budget, a lot of organizations have been benefitting from lighting upgrades. When it comes to LED Outdoor lighting, there are so many options to choose from. Knowing the various fixture types available will help you to bring value to your property and add curb appeal. If you need assistance lighting up your property, an experienced Lighting of Tomorrow team member is ready to help.

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