LED Outdoor Amenity Lighting

LED Amenity Lighting is a vital component of making your facilities a safe and relaxing place to play. Your dedicated Lighting of Tomorrow Expert will help you make your space a destination in itself. Contact us today – we will make your property the place to be this season!


In Florida, our weather is (slightly) cooling off, the streets are bustling with activity, and we are all getting ready to welcome snow birds back to town! Naturally, this is the time of year that our focus shifts to Florida’s wonderful amenities – making sure every place we spend time together is in top shape for a season of friends, family, and fun. While the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is getting ready to snuggle in by their fires, we Floridians are still enjoying the heat – amenities are a big draw for all South Florida residents. Condominiums, Neighborhood associations, and public parks host countless people per week looking to come together and relax. Yet, poorly lit communal areas often leave residents and citizens feeling uneasy. The right lighting will not only dictate the mood of an outdoor space but also the perception of the organization in charge of it.

Swimming pools, tennis courts, grilling patios, and walking paths – different spaces require different kinds of lighting. Determining whether the activity areas that you will be lighting are more active or relaxing is a great place to start in order to narrow down the vast selection of lighting options.

Tennis courts, pool areas, sports fields, and other active locations often require tall, bright pole lights with a color temperature that makes details easier to see. Optional mounts allow for multiple fixture heads to be affixed to the same pole, lighting multiple areas with ease, while flood lights can be affixed to existing walls for racquet ball or squash courts where poles are not desired. LED Area Lights come in a variety of wattages and beam angles to accommodate wide spaces and various pole heights, ensuring the best light coverage.


Relaxing locations such as grilling places, outdoor patios, hot tubs, and some swimming pools often require different types of lighting than more active amenities. In places geared towards winding down, bright, harsh lighting would not be the ideal choice. Decorative pole fixtures, sconce lights, or even string lighting in warm color temperatures, are fantastic alternatives for creating a pleasant, relaxing ambiance.  RGB Wall Washers are a great way to flood locations with color, while LED Flood Lights and LED Spot Lights are ideal for fountains, monuments, & garden lighting, creating a beautiful effect. Decorative or cotemporary LED Bollard Lights are also a wonderful way of keeping night time pedestrians safe on garden paths and walkways.

Optional features such as photocells, motion-sensors, timers, and dimmers are excellent additions to LED amenity lighting. Equipping LED lights with these options are a great way to make sure nearby residents are not disturbed by bright lighting late at night and ensure that lights operate during times in accordance with community rules.

Don’t stay in the dark! An L.o.T. Lighting professional can shed light on your current electrical situation – what types of lights already exist in the space, whether there are any dark areas, the state of your poles, and where the electricity will be coming from. We want to be sure your property’s facilities are beautifully, safely, and durably lit for all residents and guests. Call us today for a free consultation – we are always happy to help!

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