Is America Ready to Embrace the Future of Lighting?

The world is changing so fast - it’s clear to see that we are living in a fast-paced technological revolution! While it used to take decades or longer for technology to have a noticeable effect on societal changes, now, technology changes our world within a matter of days or weeks, impacting the way we live, how we conduct our businesses, and even how we interact with each other. By simply remembering the world ten years ago, you can clearly see the rapid effects of technology.

Why are LEDs Being Used More?

LED lights are suitable for every range of internal or external use in commercial and industrial buildings. These lights provide comprehensive lighting solutions for all property and fixture types. LEDs fit a wider breadth of applications than traditional technologies; conventional lights simply can’t keep up as they don’t have many of the attractive features of LEDs.

LED Benefits:

  • last longer
  • waste less energy
  • add greater value
  • produce lesser heat
  • don’t need much maintenance
  • come in a variety of styles and colors
  • provide brighter lighting for lesser energy use

Up and coming trends:

One area of interest to keep your eye on in the coming years is the usage of smart LED lighting. LEDs are already in widespread use throughout the United States and the world as a whole. As LED light continue to gain popularity worldwide, the technology continues to improve. Now, in a world where data is king, LED fixtures are becoming “smarter”, syncing with smart phones, collecting area data, even acting as charging stations. The technology is already in development and in the coming years, we will see smart LED lighting used in the implementation of smart cities. Of course, the most effective way of being prepared for the future is to jump right into it and start adopting innovations.

The future of lighting:

LED lighting installation companies

already utilize sensors and timers to detect light and operate accordingly, however the implementation of IoT is going to take features to the next level. Smart lights will be powerful lighting systems that can automatically switch off or lower their intensity when gauging lighting patterns, thus leading to huge power savings, however their real value is in data collection. By collecting weather data, for example, a building connected to the smart system will be able to respond by controlling indoor temperature through altering air conditioning and heat levels. In the same regard, by analyzing movement patterns, companies will be able to analyze traffic flow and see what is working in sales to bring the customers in. As smart lighting and IoT continue to develop, we are just scratching the surface of possibilities with this technology. LED lighting companies with their mind in the future are already integrating IoT with their LED lighting solutions.

Human-Centric Lighting

Technology often progresses more rapidly than we imagine and there are certainly bigger changes to come. As America becomes more health-minded, perhaps one of the great strengths in smart lighting will be in it’s human-centric applications. We already know that lighting has an effect on our circadian rhythms and moods. By utilizing incoming data to control light intensity, building temperature, and even the levels of blue light present at various times, we will be able to use smart lighting in order to promote health and wellbeing. The possibilities are truly endless, and we look forward to seeing where the technology takes us.

LED companies striving for change:

Is America ready to embrace the future of LED lighting? The answer is debatable. While some experts are highly optimistic, others are still skeptical: these days, Europe and Asia are on the forefront of new technology while America seems to be falling behind. Yet, the adoption of smart technology is inevitable, and America will need to keep up. Numerous professional organizations are working hard to help people adapt to the rapid changes in the technological environment. Whether or not the general public is ready, change is coming, and we can see that evident in the adoption of new technology industry leaders. Smart homes and buildings are already a reality, so smart cities are the natural next step.

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