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Increased Business, Safety, and Property Value – Why switching to LED is Money in Your Pocket

If you’re ready to make your property sparkle, Lighting of Tomorrow is ready, willing, and able to take your project from start to finish. We offer quality lights and electrical services within your budget. Here’s to a bright and prosperous tomorrow! Light the way with L.o.T.!



LED lights are everywhere!

You must have noticed; an increasing number of businesses and residential communities are replacing outdated incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting options, with LEDs. The technology is substantially more efficient (the vast majority of energy used by LEDs goes towards light creation with a mere fraction creating heat). The massive reduction in heat generation has an additional benefit: less material degradation resulting in a very long lifetime. With excellent energy savings from such a long-lasting product, it’s no wonder more organizations are turning to LED. Yet, there are a few more unexpected benefits of which you may want to be aware.

Increased Business

LED lights are eye-catching. Whether your building is awash with a spectrum of colored lights or highlighted by the bright, dignified hues more in line with tradition, LED lights command attention. With all the savings businesses accumulate in energy-costs, many organizations opt to reinvest in attractive exteriors. And it makes cents; pun intended. People gravitate towards well-lit areas with impressive aesthetics. Adding optional sensors and remotes creates a multitude of lighting options for holidays and important causes. The right kind of lighting makes a grand impression, increasing memorability.

Increased Property Value

You read that right. LED lights add curb appeal, updating your property with the latest and greatest by technological standards. Lighting makes a big difference in helping a property appear beautiful and well-maintained. With increased business, and the added bonus of energy-savings appealing to your pocket, your property becomes a very attractive prospect on the buying market. Desirability is key.

Increased Safety

Evildoers, beware! It’s a well-known fact that bright, well-lit properties are not the most attractive targets and settings for illicit activities to take place. Not only does lighting act as a deterrent for thieves and substance dealers, but all those security cameras you’ve invested in will finally be able to capture who’s making mischief. Let your lighting tell the criminals to take a hike.


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