How to Reduce Commercial Energy Usage

How to Reduce Commercial Energy Usage

These recent days, we are going through some real problems such as an increase in energy usage. Also, when it comes to solving these problems, people cannot really think of the solutions. Hence, we are here to provide the solutions on How to Reduce Commercial Energy Usage.

Thus, here are some tips to reduce energy usage:

Equipment functioning should be checked

The equipment functioning should be regularly checked now and then. There should be a proper check of the equipment, and even it should be double-checked. This can also lead to the improvement of the equipment in commercial settings.

Increase in Usage Air Compressors

Air compressors are one of the best solutions to reduce energy reduction. The drive motor is the main element of the air compressor. And, the latest systems allow for these drives to use a change in frequency that reduces the power that the drive is requesting (depending on load).

Plant and Trees Outside Your Commercial Property

Plants and trees must be planted on the south and east sides of your commercial building. These plants and trees will provide proper shade in the summer, which leads to a reduction in the cooling load, and will allow sunlight to enter your building in the winter, reducing the heating load as well.

Update the Regular Lighting to Modern Technology Lighting

If you have old and outdated lighting LED lighting can make a quick, moving impact on your energy consumption. Converting your old lighting to LED lighting may result in a decrease of up to 60% of the electrical costs of your daily lighting energy consumption.  LED lighting also has some additional benefits such as less heat generation that results in reducing your air conditioning load as well as reducing your maintenance costs as well.

Install Energy Effective Practices

Getting your employees to participate in energy-saving rituals is an effective way to help decrease energy expenses. You can also create incentives or competitions to check how low a commercial property can get their average energy to spend per month is quite an innovative way to boost employees toward saving energy.


Hence, these were some of the tips on How to Reduce Commercial Energy Usage and specifically when you can just change certain lifestyle habits. Thus, you can just introduce these tips as rituals in your commercial property to reduce energy usages very effectively.

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