Are Steel Light Poles Sustainable?

Steel light poles are largely being used in various styles of street lights, signal lights, and other components for complete traffic control. These are preferred over other light poles because of many advantages. The main advantage of steel ones is its sustainability and strength. If there are a large number of fixtures on a project location, then steel light poles are a great option. Another advantage is its low cost as compared to aluminum.

What makes them sustainable?

Light poles made from steel have proven useful in all kinds of projects, residential and commercial. They are commonly preferred due to their extraordinary strength and reliability. If the finest material is used and all the quality standards are followed, such light poles will definitely last for years. They can be installed quickly and easily. Also, it is not a big hassle to move or remove them.

The life span of the light poles made from steel is proven with the help of PMF calculations; durability considerably improves their lifespan. Furthermore, steel poles are not sensitive to galvanic corrosion, and they are easy to place in a street that faces any kind of environmental hazards. These light poles are sustainable due to the following reasons:

  • Characterized by favorable energy usage.
  • These poles are 100% recyclable.
  • The galvanized pole has a maintenance life span of roughly 40 years.
  • Steel pole, which is well-preserved, has an infinite life span.
  • Zinc in the light pole is not harmful to people.

Additionally, the use of these light poles reduces the risk of catastrophic system failure. These poles can easily carry the tension and heavyweight of numerous wires. It means that these are very flexible so that they can easily cope with a sudden broken wire.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Steel poles have proved to stand high in an instance of any pole failure. They are specifically designed to meet strength and other load requirements. The result is remarkable with strong and uniform dimensions without any twist and knots in wires.

Steel poles are lighter than wood poles; it makes the pole easy to move and install. Their lighter weight can reduce the cost of transportation and construction as well. As they require little maintenance, so there is a low need for jerking hardware. Installation is easier as there is no additional need for rigorous inspection to retighten hardware. The reason is that steel will keep its strength and shape.

Steel poles can sustain all circumstances and weather conditions. Due to their long service life, they can be sold to scrap dealers after eliminating the costs of pole disposal. These poles are covered with molten zinc with a permanent metallurgical bond between the zinc and steel. With this cost-effective covering, they create a durable barrier coating from inside and outside.

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