LED Panel Surface Mounted Kits For 2×2 Panel Light // PANEL2X2-KIT



Designed for use on the surface of drywall or concrete ceilings, these surface mount kits are ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, and medical facility applications where the surface-mount installation is required. With its clean and simple design its ideal for providing spaces with an aesthetically pleasing solution. The result is an innovative and user-friendly accessory for addressing surface mount applications with an array of fixture choices.

Product features:

  • High quality: The frame is made of high quality aluminum, white coated, durable and long lasting.
  • Easy to install: Designed for use on the surface of drywall or concrete ceilings; simply screw the frame onto the ceiling or wall and slide the LED panel light into the frame.
  • Universal: The aluminum ceiling frame kit can be used with any regular conventional 2x2 size LED panel light.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Screw Frame together with provided screws.
  2. Anchor to the ceiling with toggle bolts or similar, making sure it's rectangle.
  3. Remove one side panel, Connecting wires and slide LED panel light in.
  4. Finally screw the original side panel.



 Download: Surface mounted kits spec.pdf

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