Recessed LED Pool Light with IP68 Waterproof for Outdoor Lighting

Wattage: 3W
Beam Angle: 15º




Lighting of Tomorrow's Features the Recessed LED Pool & Fountain Light RGB provides dynamic LED lighting for pools, hot tubs, fountains, and other water features. Restaurants, condominiums, hotels, and community association amenities can benefit from this underwater light. Waterproof with stainless steel housing, this LED Pool & Fountain light is designed for total immersion with an IP68 rating. Available as Control RGB, Auto RGB, or DMX RGB, there are multiple options enabling you to change color settings with ease. This light has an Edison chip and comes in various angle options and wattage options.



Product Features:

  • User friendly contains available
  • IP68 is suitable for wet and damp locations
  • High lumen output
  • Color temperature is RGB
  • Easier to maintain and operate these lights

Item Specifies:

Product Name: Recessed LED Pool & Fountain Light - RGB

Product Number: LOT-SP-3-4/LOT-SP-6-4/LOT-SP-9-4

Wattage: 3W - 6W - 9W 


Beam Angle: 15º 30º 45º 

Input Voltage: DC24V

IP Rating: IP68

Size: 130x85mm 160x85mm 180x85mm

LED Chip: Edison


Installation Caution:

  • Make sure the power has been turned off before maintenance.
  • Clean the lens cover regularly to maintain high transmission of light.
  • Clean up the dust from the reflector and heat sink regularly to keep sound heat dispersion.
  • Be careful not to use water or corrosive solution for cleaning, preferably with a dry cloth.



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