LED Turtle Light





LED Turtle Lights is a Mogul base Corn Light bulb perfect for retrofit area lights, pole lights, wall sconces, boardwalk lights, pier lights, and other outdoor fixtures. This light is waterproof with an IP64 protection rating. The high quality, isolated driver is fully sealed with built-in heatsink. The amber color is 1650 kelvins with a lumen output of 88 lumens per watt and a 360 degree beam angle. This turtle light is UL listed, IES certified, and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


Product Name: LED Turtle Lights

Product Number: LOT-CR-27-1/ LOT-CR-35-1/ LOT-CR-45-1/ LOT-CR-54-1

Lumen Output: 2,400 -3,200 - 4,000 - 4,800

Wattage: 27W - 36W - 45W -54W

Lumen E­fficacy: 88lm/w

CCT: 1650K

Beam Angle: 360º

Input Voltage: UNV = Universal 120-277 VAC HV = 347 VAC & 480 VAC

IP Rating: IP64

LED Driver: Isolated and Fully Sealed

Certification: UL, IP64, IES

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