New Edge LED Tennis Court Light

Size: 240W




240W / 400W / 600W


New Edge LED Tennis Court Light with one special lighting distribution beam pattern which can optimize the lighting distribution on court,controlling the glare,spill lighting and up lighting.

1. Glare-Free Lens Design for Tennis Court
2. System Light Efficacy 150lm/W – 160lm/W
3. Extremely high lumen uniformity
4.Minimum Lighting Spill Outside of the Court
5. IK10 Rated for Impact Resistance
6. 3G Vibration Rating
7.No Tilting of the Fixtures.

Our New Edge Tennis Court Light using the robust material for High strength aluminum housing, equipped the top brand led source to make sure its high system efficacy. Special 30x120°glare free lens,it's a good choice for Tennis Court.
1.240W / 400W / 600W @155LM/W High Brightness to Recreational & Club & Competition Level.
2.300 ~ 800 lux With Glare control & Light uniformity ensure player's safety and comfortableness.
3.Minimum Lighting Spill Outside the Court and No complaints from Neighbors.


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