LED Slim Full cutoff Wall Pack Light with 5000K AC120-277V for Outdoor Security Area

Wattage: 27W




● Sealed die-casting profile for outdoor applications.
● Suitable for applications requiring 3G testing prescribed by ANSI C136.31.
● Light engines are available in standard 4000 K and 5000 K (70 CRI) configurations.
● Tempered UV coated flat lens provides outstanding performance, uniformity, and glare control.
● Standard drivers feature electronic universal voltage (120-277V 50/60Hz) operation.
● Greater than 0.9 power factor, less than 20% harmonic distortion, and is suitable for operation in -40°C to 90°C ambient environments.

Item Specifications:
Brand Name: Lighting of Tomorrow
Category: Slim Full cutoff Wall Pack WP10
Wattage: 27W, 40W, 67W, 80W
Model Number: MWP1027W27V50KDT3, MWP1040W27V50KDT3, MWP1067W27V50KDT3, MWP1080W27V50KDT3
CCT: 5000K
Input Voltage: AC120-277V
Housing: Dark bronze

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