LED RGB Round Wall Washer





The LED RGB Round Wall Washer is an excellent way to add a wash of color to your event space. This durable light is waterproof, rated IP66, and available in a wide range of wattages and angles. Operated by remote control, this wall washer has 16 color options and special effects such as flash, strobe, fade, smooth, and dimmer options so the brightness may be adjusted to suit your needs. It can be used as landscape, architectural, holiday, or event lighting to transform your space.


Product Name: LED RGB Round Wall Washer

Product Number: LOT-WW-6-4/ LOT-WW-9-4/ LOT-WW-12-4/ LOT-WW-18-4/ LOT-WW-36-4

Lumen Output: 6W=270lm 9W=405lm 12W= 540lm 18W= 810lm 36W=1620lm

Wattage: 6W - 9W - 12W - 18W - 36W

Lumen E­fficacy: 45lm/w


Beam Angle: 5º-15º-25º-30º-45º-60º-90º-10x60º-10x45º-15x60º

Input Voltage: DC24V & 100-265V

IP Rating: IP66

Size: 95x130mm 130x160mm 150x200mm 180x230mm 230x320mm

Control Method: IR Remote Control & DMX512 Control

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