Direct Burial Fiberglass Pole



This Direct Burial Pole is a hurricane rated, traditional style light pole. Made in the USA
This pole has a shaft size of 2 3/4 inches

Pole Shaft: Manufactured on computer-controlled equipment to customer specifications using filament wound technology. The strict control of glass, fiber, and resin ensures a consistent product. Less electrically conductive than steel, aluminum, or wood

Pole Top: Poles can be provided with tenon top construction or capped/drilled to customer specifications. Tenons on all poles are made of high-strength corrosion resistant aluminum

Hand Hole: 2.5 inch x 5 inch hand hole is provided at the base end of the pole assembly. Each hand hole includes a cover and the cover attachment hardware

Grommet: 1.5 inch in diameter hole for conduit located 24 inch below ground line unless otherwise specified

Anti Rotation Device: Wound permanently into the pole below grade. Located 6 inches from the bottom of the pole

Finish: Rustproof and corrosion resistant for low lifetime maintenance. We finish our smooth and natural poles with a special finishing resin applied at 12 to 15 mils thick which provides a superior finish to the normal 1.5 mils thick paint. Resin is pigmented and fortified with ultraviolet inhibitors to produce a long-lasting, reliable product

Engineering and Compliance: Poles are constructed to comply with the specifications of ANSI, AASHTO, and ASTM standards. High wind speed light poles with ratings up to 180 mph available by contacting the factory

Product Name: Direct Burial Pole

Material: Aluminum or wood

Hand Hole: 2.5 inch x 5 inch

Grommet: 1.5 inch

Shaft Wall Thickness: Custom

Finish: Rustproof and corrosion resistant

Lifespan: Low lifetime

Anti Rotation Device

Rated: Custom

Type: Direct Burial

Other Features: Smooth

Certified: ANSI, AASHTO, and ASTM


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