Anchor Bolt For 30FT Steel Light Poles // WSD-BM24SL914-S



Note Only Applies to the installation of 30 FT                                                          Steel  square/Steel Round  Light Poles


  Anchor Bolt  For 30FT Steel Light Poles // WSD-BM24SL914-S

       Before installing the 30FT Steel Light Poles, the installation hook should be buried underground and fixed by cement . After fixing, the lamp pole should be fixed by locking screw and base installed.   
       Packing size: 35.98x3.94x0.94  inch 
       Weight: 24.86LBS (1PCS)​
       Packing size: 39.37x0.65x0.55  inch
       Weight:113.74 LBS (4PCS)


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