Davie, Florida Solar Parking Lot Lighting Project

This property located in Davie, Florida had poor illumination. They contacted Lighting of Tomorrow to improve their security. We had very limited ways of getting electricity so we proposed a solar light that will be fully lit all night. 

beach side city view beach side city view lake surrounded by mountains

Products Used50W Solar LED Street Light

Our Process & Results


L.o.T. used state-of-the-art aerial drone technology to perform a lighting analysis in order to find dark spots and determine the best places to install the lighting system. New poles and LED lights were installed around the perimiters of the buildings. A switch to LED Solar technology increased lighting, reduced energy, and completely transformed this property. The previous lighting was not sufficient for safety and current lighting codes. L.o.T. helped bring this property up to code

This LED Lighting System:

Improves visibility

Increases safety

Enhances visitor experience


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