LED Bollard Lighting

This community located in Pembroke Pines, FL wanted contemporary bollard lighting to replace their outdated fixtures. Their common areas were lit with 52 bollards using incandescent technology - this put a large dent in the community budget. The residents wanted a change that would save energy while also enhancing their beautiful community. This contemporary, square LED bollard light is made of durable cast aluminum and rated for outdoor use to withstand our intense Florida weather. This fixture uses only 9 watts of power to produce 900 lumens in a warm white light, creating an inviting shine.

 Prevous Wattage: 60 Watts per fixture

Total Previous Wattage: 3,120 watts per 52 fixtures

New Wattage: 9 watts per fixture

Total New Wattage: 468 watts per 52 fixtures

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Our Process & Results

After an initial inspection, we detrmined the necessary lighting for the building.

We installed 17 LED Panel Lights & 31 LED Panel Lights.

We reduced wattage usage by 75%, which is equivalent to 15 cars off the road or 4 brand planted trees.

They now save $3,000 annually with their new lighting system.

The improved lighting has created a brighter, more welcoming environment for employees and customers alike.