7 Common Misconceptions About LED Lighting Products

As LED technology rapidly replaces traditional lighting technologies, it is only natural that misconceptions begin to start floating around about this technology. The same is true for all technology: whenever a new technology emerges, misinformation begins to circulate LED Lights and bulbs are no different. In order to avoid doubtfulness regarding the authenticity of LED products, let’s shine a light on some of the most common myths about LED Lighting products. We’ll dispel the rumors and give you the facts about this rapidly growing technology.


LED Lighting Products

Misconception #1: LEDs are too costly

Fact: If you look at the cost of a traditional bulb compared with an LED lightbulb, you may scratch your head wondering why LEDs seem more expensive. LED products may seem pricier upfront, but not if you include the various benefits of this technology. LEDs have a long lifetime – typically, an incandescent bulb lasts about one thousand hours. However, a 12-watt LED bulb can last around 25,000 hours! Imagine saving not only the cost of buying multiple bulbs, but also maintenance costs associated with regular change outs. Considering the long-term costs, it’s easy to see how LED lights turn out to be a lot cheaper.

Ultimately, it is up to the customer whether they want to go for a cheaper product which needs frequent change outs or opt for a product which is more reliable. LEDs may seem costly at face value, but they end up yielding long-lasting benefits with lower costs over time. Additionally, the technology just keeps getting better. New LED products are approximately 80% more energy-efficient than old conventional lights when it comes to energy consumption. That’s not something to blink at!

Misconception #2: LEDs are less bright

Fact: We’ve heard this one a number of times before, but this myth couldn’t be further from the truth! LEDs come in a wide variety of wattages, lumen outputs, and color temperatures. Whatever brightness you need for a project, LEDs can do the job while saving energy and costly replacements as they produce a massive amount of light with just a fraction of the power of traditional fixtures. The people who believe this myth have most likely received poor guidance in choosing the right LED fixtures for their project. A professional can guide you to the absolute best lighting options with all the right specifications.

Misconception #3: LEDs have dangerous substances

Fact: Fluorescent lights must be handled with care – if the exterior blub were to break or become damaged, the mercury gas will escape, causing a hazard for anyone in the vicinity. However, LED products – all LED products – contain no mercury. Furthermore, the light produced by LEDs is UV-free! The fact is that LEDs have no chance of emitting any dangerous substance, even if the bulb gets broken. While we don’t suggest to toss the lights around like a basketball, they certainly are more durable. Hazardous materials are simply not there!

Misconception #4: No heat is generated by LEDs

Fact: While LEDs certainly produce far less heat than the alternative technologies, all products that consume energy produce heat. They don’t get as hot as conventional bulbs and fixtures, but there is still a percentage of heat produced by LED lights. The fact is that no infrared energy is produced by LED fixtures allowing LEDs to produce a cooler beam of light. The small amount of wasted heat is dissipated by the use of smart engineering solutions such as built in heat-sinks.

Misconception #5: LED lights last forever

Fact: LEDs provide a lot of benefits, so it’s easy to see why an increasing number of people are switching from their old conventional lighting sources to new LED ones. While, LEDs don’t truly “burn out” like traditional lights, they do eventually stop working. When LED products go through their final days, the light emitted by the source gets softer and softer, beginning to degrade. This dimming effect indicates that its finally time to replace it with a new bulb or fixture.

Final words - LED Lighting Products

Often times, people readily accept information without doing the research involved, so we’re glad to add clarity, to clear up these misconceptions, and show the truth about LEDs. We believe people should be informed and have the facts. LEDs are an incredible technology which is always improving. With all the known benefits, perhaps it’s time you try LEDs for yourself!

Led lighting

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