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5 Tips For Choosing An Ideal Light Pole

Light poles are equally important for residential and commercial users. While choosing an ideal light pool for a residential or commercial place, the evaluation criterion or preferences may differ, but there are some general tips that anyone can follow when choosing an ideal light pole.

The environment of the location

One of the most crucial points while choosing an ideal light pole is the environment of the location. A place with heavy winds would require a stronger mounting than an area with high humidity. Therefore, before making a final selection, consider environmental factors such as wind speed, humidity level, etc.

 Space for the Light Poles

Carefully evaluate the available space for light poles. Select the style of the light pole according to the area you wish to lighten up. A light pole with a long arm may not be suitable for space where there are a lot of trees. Also, the light pole should be able to illuminate the area adequately.

Height of the Light Poles

Choosing the correct height of the lighting pole also plays a vital role in having a proper setup of lighting in place. In order to maximize the coverage of one pole and avoid any left out dark areas in between the poles, the height of the light poles will make the difference.   

Mounting type of the Light Pole

Choosing the right style and strength of the mounting pole is also one of the points that require consideration. Depending upon the space, height, and location of the light pole, the mounting type and strength can be evaluated to ascertain that there are no safety hazards for the residents or road traffic.

Energy-Efficient Approach

Try to stay focused on an energy-saving approach. The height of the light pole, space it can cover, and the type of lights used in it will combine to create an energy-efficient setup that will cover the desired range of lighting area.

Bonus Tip!

Focus on creating a harmony between the exterior of the place to achieve an overall harmonized look. Selecting a design that goes well with the paints, environment, and other exterior work (if any!) will enhance the lighting impact on the covered area.

Along with these basic considerations, the cost of the fixture is another point to keep in mind. The light poles are exposed to external factors more than anything else, so when you are making an investment in purchasing light poles, keep in mind the durability and long term usage. A cheaper solution may help to cut costs in a shorter run, but replacing light poles every other year will turn up more costly in the long run.

Hence, if you are looking for light pole options, you can keep these sets of tips in mind to make a logical selection of light poles that are going to serve the purpose for many years to come.

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