T8 LED Light Tube 4ft, Rotatable, Dual-End Powered, Clear

Color: 3500K
Pack Size: 1-Pack




Product Details and Benefits:

Hyperikon’s 4ft 18W Clear, Rotatable, Dual-End Powered T8 LED Tube is an award-winning LED tube with a light output of market-leading 2120 lumens! No more waiting for old fluorescent tubes to “warm up” or turn all the way on!This T8 LED replacement tube is engineered to light up right after the switch is flipped. The rotating capability of this tube makes installation customizable as it can rotate up to 90 degrees in either direction for maximum versatility. Our 18W LED Tube Light offers you the potential to decrease the energy bills by up to 65%, reduce carbon emissions, and minimize maintenance fees. Hyperikon’s LED tubes provide uniform, high-quality lighting which is indistinguishable from fluorescent lighting while having a lifespan of 21 years!

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