T8 LED Light Tube 3ft, 14W, Dual-End Powered, Frosted

Pack Size: 4-Pack
Color: 4K




Product Details and Benefits:

Hyperikon’s 3 ft, 14W frosted, dual-end powered T8 LED tube light fixtures offer the highest standard in commercial lighting and are a great choice for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps. These frosted 3ft LED tube lights are easy to retrofit and direct wire the tubes with a ballast bypass installation. Hyperikon’s T8 LED tube light fixtures are brighter and safer: they are shatterproof and emit no UV or IR radiation and will illuminate your space with 1400 lumens. This, and their operating temperature range of -25°F to 140°F makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Hyperikon dual-end powered 3ft LED tube lights are compatible with T8, T10, and T12 fluorescent fixtures and require a simple ballast bypass installation. Our 3 ft LED are composed of durable epoxy resin and aluminum alloy and can last 20+ years depending on use, eliminating the need to frequently replace your ceiling lighting.

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